Your gift helps spread so much Goodness to families in crisis

This year, families who were struggling before are struggling now more than ever.

But your Gift of Goodness lets them know they are not alone.

Hayley and Tyrell

"My name is Hayley, I am 25 and I have a boy (2) and a girl (4).

When I first fell pregnant with my daughter I was scared. I didn’t how I was going to tell my mum or dad.

When I called HOPE I was living in an unsafe house, it was unhealthy for me and my kids. Three of us were living in one small bedroom. I knew something had to change. We needed space.

HOPE helped me to find safe accommodation for me and my kids. They also helped me to better understand the developmental needs and stages that they are going through.

HOPE helped me to identify that my son’s communication skills were behind and gave me fun activities to play with him to help him, like ‘I spy’. They also linked him with an aboriginal health service to provide him with speech therapy.

HOPE changed my life."

Renee and Rori

"My name is Renee, I'm 24 years old and I’m a single mum to my baby boy Rori.

When I found out I was pregnant I was going downhill, I had an abusive relationship. His father cheated on me… and then he ran off, so I'm doing it all on my own.

I used to have bad self-harm issues when I was younger, and I have depression and anxiety. I get along with my mum and dad okay, but our relationship is sometimes strained. But I'm at a point now where I have to be strong for my baby.

CatholicCare's HOPE program has been so wonderful for me. It has given me such great support and has helped me to be a better mum to Rori.

They set me up in a house to help me get on my feet, helped me with budgeting, food planning and set me and my mum up with counselling to help our relationship.

My time in the program will be finished soon, and HOPE will help me look for a private rental. Before Rori turns one HOPE will set me up with day care for him, and set me up in a program to help me get back into work.

HOPE has helped me in so many ways. With my home, counselling, they’ve helped me to control my emotions a bit better. They have also linked me with a few different programs, like the one that help me stay on top of my finances. I fell behind with my electricity bill so they linked me with a company to help me pay it off.

Without HOPE who knows where we’d be… Maybe sleeping on the streets?"


“I’m 85 years old, I have Glaucoma and I can’t see well to do much anymore…

My eldest son is mentally handicapped, he has lived his whole life with me and needs constant care. My daughter has now moved home to help care for me and my son. She does all my cooking and helps me a lot. My youngest son also comes over every Saturday to do odd jobs around the house. I’m very lucky to have my family around to help me.

I get support to clean my house, take me shopping and get out of the house which is really lovely.

The food hamper I received last year was such a surprise, it was lovely and really helped. I am looking forward to receiving another one this year.

It will save me going grocery shopping and save money. We make do with what we’ve got, but every little bit helps, you know? Especially at Christmas time.

Thank you so much to the people who help, you are really a blessing, thank you.”