How your gift will do a
wholesome lot of good…

Your gift helps at Christmas and beyond 

For families caught in the crises of homelessness, domestic violence, isolation and addiction, Christmas is often the hardest time of the year, and children are the first to suffer. But your Gift of Goodness lets families know that help is on hand.

Victoria and her husband Leo

“I love Christmas. It’s the only time of the year the whole family gets together.

We normally have Christmas at our house, and everyone brings a plate. But I don’t think I’ll be able to do it this year. I’ve got tendinitis in both my hands and I can’t see very well anymore.

I get help these days to do the shopping, because I can’t drive or read the prices on things. I also get help to clean the house.

I don’t buy many Christmas presents because I can’t afford it. We have to watch our pennies, you know? I try to give the children a couple of dollars in an envelope, but I don’t go shopping.

A fresh food hamper will really help my husband and I, especially at Christmas time. It means a lot, I can’t easily go shopping and we don’t have much money so it will really help. My whole life I’ve always tried to give to everyone I could. Now that I can’t give anymore, it feels so nice that people are there to look after me.

It’s nice to know that people do care. We have to care for one and other.

Thank you to all the people who help to give these hampers, it will be greatly appreciated.”

Putri, Yasmin & Yash

"My name is Putri, I am 24 years old and a mother of two. My daughter Yasmin is three and my son Yash is 18 months. I was born in Indonesia but have been living here in Australia for five years now.

I don’t have any family in Australia. Last year my neighbour was nice and invited me and my kids to her house for Christmas dinner. She introduced me to her family and we were eating and talking together all night. It was so nice! I felt like I had another family other than my own in Indonesia.

It’s really difficult for me to get food, so I receive food vouchers to help me provide for my family. You might think it’s such a simple thing, giving a hamper. Like, oh it’s just a hamper, just some food, just an apple… but for us, it’s not just a hamper. It means so much more. It makes our lives happy and it makes my children smile.

Even though we don’t know each other, thank you for caring about people like us."


"My name is Renee, I'm 24 years old, 29 weeks pregnant and soon to be single mum to a baby boy. I've just received crisis support to help me find a safe home for me and my baby, because we have no where else to live.

I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and have to be on a strict diet to manage the health of my baby. It's easy to go and buy a bag of frozen vegetables, but now I have to have fresh fruit and
vegetables and I don't know how I'm supposed to afford it.

I used to have bad self-harm issues when I was younger, and I have depression and anxiety. But I'm at a point now where I have to be strong for my baby. The father ran off, so I'm doing it all on my own.

A fresh food hamper will help me so much, with my medical condition, and to help me afford everything especially with the baby coming.

I wish I could be on the side of giving the hamper, but I'm receiving, and I couldn't be more thankful."


“I’m 85 years old, I have Glaucoma and I can’t see well to do much anymore…

My eldest son is mentally handicapped, he has lived his whole life with me and needs constant care. My daughter has now moved home to help care for me and my son. She does all my cooking and helps me a lot. My youngest son also comes over every Saturday to do odd jobs around the house. I’m very lucky to have my family around to help me.

I get support to clean my house, take me shopping and get out of the house which is really lovely.

The Christmas Hamper I received last year was such a surprise, it was lovely and really helped. I am looking forward to receiving another one this year.

It will save me going grocery shopping and save money. We make do with what we’ve got, but every little bit helps, you know? Especially at Christmas time.

Thank you so much to the people who help, you are really a blessing, thank you.”

Show these families you care.

Give a Hamper

Your nutritious hamper, fresh from Harris Farm Markets, will also come with
support from these caring services: 

a lifeline for families facing hardship

CCareline responds to over 20,000 calls a year from people in distress. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, their counsellors will be stretched to the limit, providing a listening ear and practical help for thousands of people and families who are desperately seeking help.

help for children impacted by addiction

Alcohol, drugs, gambling or mental health issues can destroy a family. For children, the impact can lead to lifelong trauma. Family Recovery provides a dedicated counselling service to help children build resilience and coping skills when a family member is in the grip of an addiction.

support for families of non-English speaking backgrounds

 This special program links refugee families, who have often escaped violence with nothing, with a support worker who can speak their language, and help them to connect to the services they need to begin life anew.